5 Solutions for a Cluttered Closet

cluttered closet

The number of people who say their apartments aren’t organized enough numbers close to 84%, so if you feel like your apartment could be cleaner, you’re not alone. While people are fairly agnostic with the areas that are cluttered in their apartments, there’s one that takes precedence over others. Most people struggle with a cluttered … Continue reading 5 Solutions for a Cluttered Closet

The Sweetest Ways to Prepare Sweet Potatoes

It’s that time of year—sweet potato side dish season. So, we want to join in, Texan style, in the celebration of sweet potato month by sharing a couple of easy and delicious special recipes for residents of Park at Galleria apartments in Hoover, Alabama. Melting Sweet Potatoes This recipe goes beyond the traditional sweet potato/marshmallow idea. Create beautiful … Continue reading The Sweetest Ways to Prepare Sweet Potatoes

Alabama’s Baby Bird Season

If you’ve always wished you had more chances to interact with your fine feathered friends, now’s your chance—the Alabama Wildlife Center has a baby bird program designed to nurture and rehabilitate baby birds that have become orphaned or injured. Baby bird season ends on September 15, so residents of apartments in Hoover, Alabama have plenty of … Continue reading Alabama’s Baby Bird Season

3 Airplane-Friendly Board Games

Long flights in crowded airplanes can be a boring start to your summer adventures if you don’t come prepared. While certain long-haul flights may provide in-flight entertainment, typically the entertainment portion of your flight is left up to you. Whether you’re traveling with kids or a few friends, playing airplane-friendly board games is one easy … Continue reading 3 Airplane-Friendly Board Games